Pre-galvanized steel frame with polyester coating. Tubular Steel Furniture and Pre-galvanized steel plate inside and outside with polyester coating
Does not Oxidize and is very Resistant and Durable.
Unlike other manufacturers, the Sindo Outdoor Italian line has a layer of anti-corrosion material that is almost 20 times thicker than common pre-treatment processes.
Chemical protection creates a barrier that protects steel from corrosion by preventing it from being oxidized in places that suffer from bumps, scratches or loss of paint exposing steel to the atmosphere.
Ideal for commercial use.

  • Great resistance to recurring abrasion, to denting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Resistance against salt, UV, and temperature variations.
  • Stackable
  • Reinforced steel
  • Easy to clean, maintenance free
  • You can leave the table in the rain and nothing happens to it

Dorio table square - 80x80x75cm  15.3 kg.

Dorio table rectangle -160x80x 75cm  23 kg.

Dorio high table (bar) - 120x80x105cm  25.8 kg.



Wash with water and soap. For oil stains: wash with a solution 90% water and 10% detergent. Use soft sponge.
IMPORTANT: The product does not generate mold, but if it is not washed regularly, mold in the environment especially in humid places can be stuck.


Dorio Collection

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  • dorio rectangle 1.jpg


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